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Dimanche 17 décembre 2017
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Now Introducing Tsunami® MP-10250 with SmartConnect™
Now Introducing Tsunami® MP-10250 with SmartConnect™
Tsunami® MP-10250 Features
Tsunami® MP-10250 Features
For High Density and Bandwidth Intensive Wireless Applications

The Tsunami® MP-10250-BSX is the next generation intelligent base station that employs Proxim SmartConnect™ technology innovation – Proxim’s beam steering (BeamX™) antenna and scan radio (Proxim SmartScan™) - on the very high throughput, high power, robust and especially reliable Tsunami® 10000 platform. The new improvements result in an extremely robust solution that delivers more Mbps, even in the face of interference and opens up additional 5GHz spectrum.
Featured in every Tsunami® 10250, Proxim SmartConnect™ is designed to deliver high performance in high density environments and under challenging interference conditions.
Proxim SmartConnect™
Interference Robustness Proxim SmartConnect™ features Proxim's proprietary Beam steering technology (BeamX) that steers the antenna main lobe towards the remote end of the link. This results in limiting interferences from nearby RF sources and thus providing much better interference robustness than a standard sector antenna.
Proxim SmartConnect™ technology includes Proxim SmartScan™, a dedicated scan radio that continuously monitors surrounding RF environments. With this ability the system can immediately switch to a free channel in the event of weather radar detection or heavy interference making the DFS channels more useable. It also opens access to the 5.600-5.650 GHz sub-band, and in total enables effective use of up to an additional 355 MHz of DFS spectrum.
More Megabits per Second By using a narrower beam width, BeamX antenna improves the radio SNR level by up to 6 dB when compared to a traditional 60 degree sector antenna. This allows the use of higher modulation and hence higher throughput and system performance.
MP-10250 Includes The Entire Tsunami® Features Set
Proxim WORP® Proxim WORP®, a highly evolved QoS platform tailored to
deliver voice, video and data applications.
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Proxim ClearConnect™ Proxim ClearConnect™, a suite of different techniques all working together to ensure robust and reliable radio communications in noisy deployments.
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Tsunami® 10250 Data Sheet Tsunami® 10250 At-a-Glance Tsunami® 10250 Quick Installation Guide  
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