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Produits SIQURA
FD 27

Mini caméra sur IP à dôme fixe

Téléchargez la datasheet (anglais)

The Siqura® FD27 is a mini IP fixed dome camera in an impact resistant ruggedized dome housing with an integrated lens providing high resolution pictures. It is specially designed for indoor applications such as video surveillance in office buildings, hotels or other applications requiring a low profile and aesthetically designed camera.

Clear and detailed pictures
The 1.3 Megapixel light-sensitive image chip ensures clear and detailed pictures. Together with high frame rates, the pictures give realistic footage for later examination and proof.

Easy to install
The compact size and Power over Ethernet (PoE) feature makes the FD27 easy to install even in small spaces.

The Siqura® FD27 has an integrated microphone.

Privacy masks
Privacy masks cover sections of the image. This feature is often requested for such situations as city center surveillance and point of sale keypads.

Tamper alarm
Covering or moving the camera will trigger an alarm. The camera can be configured to send pre and/or post alarm snapshots to an email or FTP server.


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