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Produits SIQURA
HD 66wdr

Caméra dôme IP PTZ ayant la capacité jour/nuit et grande plage dynamique(pour l'extérieur)

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The Siqura® HD66 WDR ensures excellent pictures even in the most difficult circumstances by offering features such as day/night, digital slow shutter, wide dynamic range, and image stabilizer.

Quad Streaming
The versatile HD66 WDR is capable of streaming H.264, dual MPEG-4 and MJPEG simultaneously. Each stream is optimized for its purpose, e.g., high-quality MJPEG live viewing, low-bandwidth H.264 or MPEG-4 storage, and low-resolution MJPEG for web applications or remote devices (e.g., PDAs). The H.264 implementation is based on dedicated hardware resulting in unparalleled video quality.

Open Streaming Architecture (OSA)
The HD66WDR is designed to comply with the worldwide adopted standards for streaming video. Its OSA offers standardized streaming video and remote control. All streaming protocols are based on approved standards and tested with different vendors. A comprehensive HTTP API gives access to all controls and makes integration with third party VMS easy. In addition, the HD66WDR supports Siqura®'s unique MX? protocol.

High-Speed Dome
This high-speed PTZ dome has 35x autofocus zoom lens with the 12x digital zoom. Because the lens can move in almost any direction (pan and tilt), this camera offers a wide view precise without missing the smallest details. In addition, the precision 400° per second pan and tilt drive technology offers almost instant preset positioning.

Day/Night and Backlight Compensation
The HD66 WDR is provided with an automatic Day/Night functionality, which is used in low light situations and a Backlight Compensation functionality for use in different scenes. This means, the HD66 WDR provides a clear picture for the operator, no matter what the lightning situation is.

Audio, I/O Contacts and Analog Output
By combining streaming video with duplex audio and I/O contacts over IP, the HD66 WDR provides all the interfaces necessary for any IP CCTV application. The balanced audio inputs/outputs are suitable for all industrial audio systems. With its analog output, the HD66WDR is a hybrid solution and can provide local video for a public view monitor or local DVR.

Image Stabilizer
When the high-speed dome is in its maximum zoom range, every small movement of the camera gives a relativey large movement in the picture. The image stabilizer digitally compensates this movement for a stable picture. This feature is especially useful for pole-mounted domes.

Privacy Masks
Privacy masks cover sections of the image and shrink or grow according to the camera's zoom. This feature is often requested for such situations as city center surveillance and point of sale keypads.


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