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Samedi 26 mai 2018

Solutions de Management pour les familles XTM et XTG

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The Transmode Network Manager (TNM) is a NGOSS compliant, carrier-class network management system for Transmode's optical solutions. It provides out-of-the box FCAPS and network/service management functionality for all Transmode's Network Elements.

The TNM offers a full-featured graphical user interface, alarm handling, performance monitoring and time-saving features that simplify daily OAM activities. The TNM also keeps complete topology awareness of used and available capacity and its integrated management capabilities extend the basic FCAPS functionality to include OAM for end-to-end connections and services. In addition, the TNM provides advanced optical management applications to minimize the costs of commissioning and maintaining the optical network.

The TNM provides open and standardized SNMP and MTOSI 2.0 compliant  interfaces for simple integration with higher order management systems.

The versatile TNM can be used as a:

  • Stand-alone management system for an optical network
  • Mediator to higher order management systems
  • Complement to higher order network management systems, simplifying troubleshooting and daily operations and maintenance activities in an optical network

Simple optical networks, such as those deployed by some enterprise customers, do not require the TNM. They can be fully managed with the embedded management system in the nodes.


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